At ABI Health Care, our services include:

    • Nursing

    Assess and evaluate patient health needs, develop and implement care plans, manage medications, provide wound care, monitor vital signs and other skilled services.

    • Home Health Care

    Assist patients in staying in their homes by providing support, personal services, and educating families.

    • Personal Care

    Assist with housekeeping services such as light cleaning, cooking, errands and doing laundry, as well as assist clients with personal care, including without limitation bathing, toileting, oral hygiene, general skin care and other hygiene needs. Assist patients with dressing or grooming.

    • Homemaker Services

    Assist in the home by for instance; cleaning the house, cooking meals, ensuring clothes are laundered, maintaining the household budget, shopping for groceries, and caring for children in the home.

    • Physical Therapy

    Assess patients’ home for safety, create an exercise program to improve strength, coordination, balance, provide gait training, make recommendations for the use of a cane or walker or other assistance device and provide the necessary training on how to use the device safely and effectively, provide education to the patient and caregiver.

    • Nutrition Counseling

    Assess patients’ health needs and diet. Counsel patients on nutrition regarding specific medical conditions. Counsel patients on the importance of healthy eating habits. Develop meal plans, taking both cost and clients' preferences into account.

    • Respiratory Therapy

    Interview and examine patients with breathing or cardiopulmonary issues. Consult with physicians to develop patient treatment plans. Strive to improve patients’ ability to breathe comfortably, through a variety of medications, equipment and perform diagnostic tests such as measuring lung capacity.

    • Occupational Therapy

    Assist patients in overcoming physical challenges by teaching daily living skills for example; homemaking, cooking, eating, dressing, grooming and other activities so that patients can remain in their home.

    • Medical Social Work

    Assess the psychological and social functioning of patients and families, connect patients and families to the necessary resources and support services in their community, provide counseling, assist with emotional adjustments to life changes such as an illness, addiction or loss, help patients improve problem solving and coping skills.

    • Hospice Care

    Assist individuals facing terminal illness with a limited life expectancy. Work closely with patients and families to identify goals and priorities, and to develop a plan to achieve them. Manage symptoms such as pain, breathing difficulty and anxiety. Provide emotional support to patients and families as death is approaching.

    • Pediatric Care

    Help children and adolescents from ages 5 through 17 years promote independence and maintain quality of life by supporting activities of daily living. Work closely with parents and family members to develop and implement personalized care plan for children who have disabilities or special needs. Provide caring companionship to help reduce the burden on parents and skilled caregivers.