ABI Health Care

Licensed Home Health Care Agency in Queens, New York City

Being one of the best home care agencies in the industry, we are committed to assisting our patients and clients in their daily living activities and helping patients realize their full potential.

We provide Health Care across 6 New York counties: Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Bronx, Richmond (Staten Island), and Nassau.

  • About ABI Health Care

    Our multilingual staff is our asset - they can converse in several different languages and dialects, enabling us to serve people with diverse cultural backgrounds...

  • Why Choose ABI Health Care?

    Clients choose us for our professionalism and the care with which we treat all our patients. In addition, the low incident rate, low hospitalization rate and low...

  • Your Safety Is Our Priority!

    We are committed to protecting each patient and ensuring our home health aides' embody the highest standard of care. We verify that our home health aides and nurses are licensed...

  • Occupational Therapy


    Assess and evaluate patient health needs, develop and implement care plans, manage medications, provide wound care, monitor vital signs and...

  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    Assist with housekeeping services such as light cleaning, cooking, errands and doing laundry, as well as assist clients with personal care, including...

  • Respiratory Therapy

    Hospice Care

    Assist individuals facing terminal illness with a limited life expectancy. Work closely with patients and families to identify goals and priorities, and to develop a plan to achieve...

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  • Our goal is to empower individuals in making informed decisions about the care of their loved ones and to minimize the risk of unexpected events.

    ABI Health Care

  • We strive to ALWAYS DO OUR BEST in meeting the expectations and needs of our patients and their family members.

    ABI Health Care